November 09, 2012

Anatomy of a Loss: What Happened On November 6, 2012

Well, despite sufficient interest and working hard to elect a new president, it didn't happen and we really ought to take a look at why.  Obama ran a brilliant if disingenuous campaign, and he had to.  He didn't have a "good" history of accomplishments to run on. 

In 2008 he stated that Bush's deficits were "unpatriotic."  Despite this, no one, especially the mainstream media, held him accountable for his 6 TRILLION dollar deficits run up in 4 years, the highest deficit spending of any president, exceeding the deficits we necessarily ran up to successfully conquer fascism in World War II.

His sycophants such as Stephanie Cutter made completely unfounded charges that Romney was a "felon." Then there was the faux report of Romney "murdering a woman who had cancer because he closed the facility that her husband worked at." This is totally unacceptable and the MSM instead of calling the Obama team on it, reported the story as though it "might be" true.

Hurricane Sandy came and went, and what should have been a report of the failures of FEMA and the Obama administration on relief efforts, what we got was photo ops of Obama in the Situation Room (something we decidedly didn't get during the Benghazi slaughter of our citizens) and a two hour visit complete with photos of a love fest with Obama hugging Christi in New Jersey.

This is NOT to say that republicans aren't complicit in the loss, WE ARE!  We didn't get out the vote... almost 9 million "white people" sat out the election compared to previous votes.  So, why didn't we?  Because of a number of reasons including not countering the frequent lies, the participation on the side of Obama in "debates" two and three, letting the Democrats portray Romney and the Republicans as "job destroyers," and not countering the negative advertising with any where near the degree that Romney should have.  Add to that, the portrayal of Romney as a rich guy who paid less in "income tax" than the "average secretary" when the reality was that Romney's 14% was capital gains, not income and that if he reported income he paid the exact same rate that any other wealthy person paid under the current tax codes.

Let's also not forget the power of the purse.   The Democrats gave money away in boondoggle after boondoggle from the so called auto bailout to Solyndra and other "green energy" companies & etc. 

Last but not least, there was what should indeed be called Obama's " Shuck and Jive."  Now, I  know there are some folk that will say "Hey Roper, that's racist."  If you do think so, than you don't know the origin of the term "Shuck and Jive."  The term is a phrase used by blacks to indicate putting one over on the so called white man.  From the Urban Dictionary: 

To shuck and jive" originally referred to the intentionally misleading words and actions that African-Americans would employ in order to deceive racist Euro-Americans in power, both during the period of slavery and afterwards. The expression was documented as being in wide usage in the 1920s, but may have originated much earlier.

"Shucking and jiving" was a tactic of both survival and resistance. A slave, for instance, could say eagerly, "Oh, yes, Master," and have no real intention to obey. Or an African-American man could pretend to be working hard at a task he was ordered to do, but might put up this pretense only when under observation. Both would be instances of "doin' the old shuck 'n jive."

It has been adopted into non-Afroamerican speech, with a reference to behavior adopted in order to avoid criticism.
In order to keep my job, I had to do the shuck and jive!
But, primarily the reason for  the loss is that conservatives, small  "L" libertarians and Republicans flat out didn't do there job.  In 2014 we will have a chance to correct our failures by taking over the Senate and the House in a veto-proof majority.  Will we, hell, I just don't know. 

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1 Yeah.


We will see Obama's "real agenda" in his second term.

I'm glad that I'm as old as I am.

Now we live in "America" -- not in America.

PS: One other cause -- white guilt, which has been promoted by schools and churches over the past 50 years.  It's cool to vote for the black guy.

Posted by: Always On Watch at 20 (EQai8)

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